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viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

11/11/11 Mith or Reality?

In our culture, framed by dates and moments, one is generating all kinds of reactions and expectation......11/11/11. With all due respect to numerology as es

oteric and spiritual art, so far, I have always kept myself with more questions than answers, numerology is linked to specific dates as the current one.

That does not mean I have a contemptuous or arrogant approach towards it, I cannot detract from the contribution of knowledge or numerical application on names or circumstances. But I think as with the phenomenon of 2000 (the millennium), and also will happen to the wrongly calculated date of the "World's End" of the Maya´s (21/12/12), a date by itself creates a series of ideas and fury that at best evokes surprise.

The bad news:

If you're hoping on 11/11/11 that "opening" portals of light and energy conduce to a new human consciousness, and "something" will "light up" by art of magic just for the date itself, the news is that it’s not going to happen. Pretend that a date, only because of its number would lead to a change in behavior or collective awareness is the same as pretending that February 14th should always be very loving or every second sunday of May very motherly ...... the thing does not happen that way any more.

On other hand, it’s pretty naïve pretending to believe that because "the openning of these spiritual gates", is beneficial to go to a pyramid or archaeological site to "seize" the "good vibes". It has been shown and demonstrated that in general, all ancient pyramid monuments are closely linked with astrology and natural phenomena such as: changing seasons, solstices and equinoxes, but I am quite certain that none of these cultures had in mind the Gregorian calendar date 11/11/11 for anything specific.

Where does the date comes from?

The actual date of 11/11/11 in which we are based, corresponds to the Gregorian calendar established by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 and gradually replaced the Julian calendar.

These calendar reforms (Gregorian) where three, the first was that it eliminated from the Julian calendar 10 days so they jumped dates from a Thursday October 4th to Friday October 15th 1582, in order to “match” the spring equinox with the northern hemisphere on March 21st.The second point had to do with leap years and the third with calculation of Easter or Resurrection Sunday. Therefore, based on this reform 11/11/11 happened 10 days ago!, which was the 01/11/11 of the Julian calendar.

Additionally, the former Julian calendar, d

eveloped by astronomer Sosigenes of Alexandria, based as its starting point, the Egyptian Calendar. This calendar was widespread in the Roman Empire around the year 46 BC, however it is said that the calendar year began 45adC and for that reason were added to this calendar arbitrarily 85 days to compensate for this error (?). In addition to moving from BC to AC was obviously there should be a year 0 (zero), a concept that did not run on that culture (roman) and does not refer the Julian calendar. So if we add 365 days of a year zero unscheduled over 85 days of compensation for errors less than 10 days gregorian reform, it appears that our 11/11/11 will be presented in the 25/01/13 (considering the absence year zero) or 24/01/12 (with zero year)

Anyway, it we give the benefit without doubt, the correct date would be: 11/11/2011! , Not 11/11/11. And doing the numerology of11/11/2011 gives us an 8, not 11!

Why this matter? Because numerology, which supports the concept of number 11 is based on the Kabbalah (of Egyptian origin and based on the Egyptian calendar), and the concepts of Pythagoras (the music of the spheres) around 530 adC!. Numerology is based on Ancient Egyptian Calendar.

Meaning 11:
In Kabalah 11 is Lamed (‘stinger’ that leads oxen) that represents materialization or realization from faith and will.

It means a couple of one’s: on one hand, the Magician unfolded, expanded, extended and duplicated by another one, the Priestess. The result is the balance and its manifested as righteousness or Justice. If we multiply 1111 by 1111 results in fractal scale: 1234321 which is basically a pyramid that has to have a balance.

In IFA’s theology (also origin

ated on ancient Egypt and as the Kabalah) 1 is represented by Eyiogbe which means "double salvation" to write in binary code happens:
If we join those sets of 1, it results in double 1 or 11!. Interesting that during 2010 and 2011 the letter of the year or ruling sign is precisely EYIOGBE!.

It is for this particular reason that I have pointed out in earlier writings that we have been living the energy of 11(as doble one) since 2010 and represents mostly: Changes, head (crown), structure, movement, spiritual opening (opening pineal gland), and many more (see letters of 2010 and 2011 of this blog).

The Power of our Mind:

As Jung established the theory of "collective unconscious" that holds us all come together in a body of knowledge developed over generations and cultures before and in which all knowledge is stored, so that each of us are born with a psychic material that comes from experience but is present even when we are developing in the womb and that has a structure that is channeled and developed with the environment. It is also important to consider the collective power of thought: Collective Thougth.

Collective or GroupThink is a term coined by Irving Janis and states that a group can make different types of decisions depending on the thoughts they share. Janis explains that it is a way of thinking that people adopt when they are deeply involved in a cohesive group, when the efforts of the members unanimously ignore their motivation to realistically assess alternative courses of action.

The best example of collective thinking happens every New Years eve when about 7000 million people believe and accept that on December 31st of each year ends a cycle, and the next day starts a new one, this based on arbitrary and manipulated calendars that we use as the truth and that aren´t based on any nature cyclic phenomena.

Astrologic aspects:

The 11/11/11 is framed by three major planetary aspects:

a) Moon (full) square to Neptune, which means receptivity blocked by excessive nervousness, restlessness, bad decisions, widespread discontent, outbursts of anger, tendency to cold reason thinking, many economic fluctuation trends and possible disappointments and mythomaniac behaviours.

b) Mars in opposition to Neptune, which means locking between aggressiveness and intuition and therefore uncertainty, perplexity, immobilization and nervous weakness. General tendency to evade reality (many will think that magically we start a new type of thought or consciousness only to get to 11/11/11), and even abuse drugs or alcohol.

c) Large triangle between Jupiter, Mars and Pluto all in earth signs, which can be conducive to physically manifest strongly any positive or negative thinking for each person.


This 11/11/11 millions of people think that an "opening of dimensional gates" will happen, which presents a "new opportunity" for spiritual growth, and so on. We must put a value on that thought.

Taking into account this actual energy power it’s a valid thought that on 11/11/11 we should join the collective thoughts of millions and raise constructive and positive thoughts that we need everywhere.

Do not expect a "miracle" or "giant" phenomenon, if there are problems with cellular communications due to the high solar activity, not to 11/11/11, if there are conspiracy theories and someone can "play" with numbers to find an endless array of symbols, what is a reality for me is that from 2010 until now we have been living this different and profound manifestations of number 11.

Accept the changes, embrace them and do not resist them. There are structural changes, above plots, above and minority interests, above foolish whims. We are all wrapped in a spiral of energy that moves on and we poorly understand, but we can use positively. Think big, think positive, think we can be better, but not only on 11/11/11, but at any time, from this moment as a new habit of love.

All is well established and there is no group, interest or perversion that can change what we all live. Those who understand this expression of love will feel satisfied, even in the midst of disaster or material losses ahead, but the millions who resist and seek to live with the "past rules" will suffer much because they will not understand the why and wherefore of each situation.

Life is not written or summarizes or is determined on a single day, but any time you can rewrite the script and from that, you can reinvent yourself for good, as well as for your family, community and others too.

After all, we depend on others to keep faith and hope and humanity, to transcend generations, because one day, you will be remember and give thanks for what others will received, and we must thank all our ancestors because of what they lived and wrote for us. Our actions, not just one day, but of our existence will become part of the collective subconscious of generations not imagine.

Believe in love, live love and remember that your expression of love does not have to "fit" into preset molds.

Iboya Iboru Ibochiche

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