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domingo, 3 de junio de 2012


Context is important in order to guarantee a better understanding of this topic so I will start with what Mesoamérica meant on ancient world, writers and historians have define the ANAHUAC as nahuatl world territory, nevertheless Anahuac comes from A(Atl)=water, Nahui =4 sides and Cuat= place, so, by definition is “Territory surrounded on 4 sides by water”, which means that México-Tenochtitlán’s foundation happened in what appeared to be an island in the middle of a valley that use to have a big lake now lost on Mexico City’s buildings and aqueducts. Then other people found out that many years ago people named other territories around Mexico City, ‘Anahuác’ (Querétaro, Cuernavaca, Puebla, Pachuca), this is why nowadays most academics agree that Anahuac means ALL Central Mexico Valley which includes at least 8 states.

Actually there are several data elements from Nahuatl Culture from places as far as Alaska to Central American Countries, So I believe that at least all North America (Canada, USA, Mexico) and Central America (Guatemala Belize, Honduras and El Salvador) together are Ancient ANAHUAC. This is important because on May 20th, most of the eclipse phenomena could be seen in most of Ancient Anahuac, and this is the sign that starts the KETZALCOATL RETURN.

Generally speaking, as most of KETZALCOATL’S physical representations are a Rathlesnake with feathers, in most books KETZALCOATL is referred as the “feathered serpent” but if we review the root of “ketzalcoatl” word, it comes from ‘Ketzal’, which means beaty, precious, great value, treasure; and Coatl that means serpent. If ancient texts were talking about a feathered serpent they would have named it Huitlicóatl, so, why the drawings with a serpent with feathers representation?

The Ketzal is something with great value and precious and symbolizes beauty. The Ketzal bird has been not only venerated but treasured because just by looking at but because it evoques wonder. Analizing the alighment of Pyramids with Pleiades, Venus and Scorpio zone (with special interest in Aquila an Serpentis Constelations) when it is clear and makes sense the idea that Ketzalcóatl does not refer to a god, divinity nor hero, but a theological, astrological and esoteric SYMBOL.

This symbol was a spiritual enlightenment  or PRIESTLY DEGREE, that’s why inn every mesoamerican territory  Ketzalcoatl has a different reference, the most common, maybe because is the closest to America’s conquest dates, is Ce Acatl Topillzin Ketzalcoatl (Ce Acatl=NName; Topillzin= our little boy or girl; Ketzalcoatl=preciously enlighten by the serpents energy). Tales indeed talk about a wise little boy (or girl) teacher, that preach his/her knowledge all over nahuatl’s world.

In the Nahuatl world and in Anahuac there were 4 degrees of spiritual enlightenment deeply related with astral movements, the first one was Xipe Tótec (Red Tezcatlipoca or Camaxtle); the second one was Tezcatliipoca (Black Tezcatlipoca); the third one was Ketzalcóatl (white Tezcatlipoca); and the forth one was called Huitzilopochtli (Blue Tezcatlipoca or left-handed hummingbird). Each one corresponds to each cardinal point and right now, what captures our attention is the Binomial “Xipe Tótec-Ketzalcóatl”. There’s a legend that talks about Ketzalcóatl’s birth as a twins birth where one of them was condemned to death due to his ugliness, please refer to:

Ketzalcoatl is represented as “Beautiful light”, first light, the beginning, fertility, white, life and creation and it is associated with the EAST. As a matter of fact its astral representation is VENUS planet at sunrise, the first star you can perceive at plain sight as white. The arrival is celebrated on March 21, at Spring equinox and is known as Tlahuzcalpantecuhtli (Tlahuiz=lightness;  Calpan=stars in the sky and Tecuhtli=great lord), so, the Great Lord of the Morning Star=Venus in the morning. To leave this clearer, Chichen Itza show, where the serpent’s shadow descends through the stairs at Spring and Fall equinox, frames the beginning and final cyclic Ketzalcoatl’s movement. 60 days after this event, when the sun crosses pyramids cenit (May 20-21), is when this Ketzalcoatl’s change movement is activated.

Ketzalcoatl is the spiritual enlightenment SYMBOL that allows to understand and transmit the Yayautli (what can’t be seen) CREATION knowledge as what is seen. But achieving such level requires many initiation rituals. This enlightenment is symbolically represented by a serpent because it also represent many cycles by changing skin and its wavy movement and also because in order to know what happens in mother earth it has its whole body attached to it and this allows the serpent to get valuable information at every time.

Ketzalcoatl is evoking the awakening of a new civilization that will result on the SIXTH SUN, a civilization founded on feminine energies canalization, Tsaab (serpent’s rattle, Pleyades) and Venus (Ketzalcoatl) such as love, kindness, everyone wellness, community work, detachments, humility, empathy and solidarity. Such characteristics haven’t been manifested in the majority of our present world population where we still have ego, unnecessary accumulation of everything, violence, etc.

KETZALCOATL’S RETURN is not about a messiah arrival or a powerful character, unfortunately, there’s not anyone with such spiritual level and specific initiation processes to acquire that priestly level of Ketzalcoatl. Nevertheless, our ancestors left us many data and sacred places with keys and instructions that do allow us to live Ketzalcoatl’s experience and open our state of consciousness to the 4th and 5th dimension WITHOUT leaving the 3rd dimension. The energetic alignment welcomes us to that internal change.

KETZALCOATL’S RETURN is framed by Pleyades alignment and ends with November 13th solar eclipse on the southern hemisphere. As far as Anahuac región concerns, it’s very likely that Ketzalcoatl’s return finishes before such eclipse.

The moon (Metzili) that eclipses the sun will be entering at zero degrees on Gemini and its new moon, this will precipitate a great curiosity and the unveiling of any kind of hidden issues. Communications and information exchanges become vital, so there might present misinformation mixed with true information. We will tend to see more objectively and with less prejudice. This time is the correct time to start new projects, the most important: INTERNAL HEALING. The moon is always inviting us to have an introspection, this is the time to connect ourselves with our internal “me” and our spiritual world. The moon will be OUT OF COURSE  from 07:35 from Sunday to approximately 18:30, which means that the real effects of the moon on Gemini will be seen after the eclipse and this will detonate that many hidden information comes to light, from many emotional and social sewers and we’ll have to deal with that.

The main point to start correctly this restoration and attention to our “me” is FORGIVENESS. It’s important to forgive ourselves and forgive everyone who has affected us. My advice to all those who have meditation tools is to focus on first and second chakras that will be strengthen during this eclipse and 16 days after until Venus transit with the same alignment we have been talking about.

It’s important to have our head covered, put a red ribbon around our belly and on wrists, dress in clear colors, white if posible and mostly, make a deep gratitude and forgiveness exercise. Let’s join this unique and fantastic event, the effort each of us makes, will turn to those who surround us despite apathy or rejection, do not doubt that eacho love thought, each intention towards Ketzalcoatl’s return will take us by the hand to what our ancestors and great masters announced us.

We must put our attention on Ketzalcoatl’s twin brother, XOLOTL or XIPE TOTEC, represented by west and red colour. Xolotl was known as the monster of the afternoon or Afternoon star and it’s represented by the same star: VENUS, but in her afternoon manifestation. Xipe=scar, to=our, tec=action. So Xipe Tec evokes our ability to HEAL, REGENERATE and MUTATE, through physical and/or spiritual means, evoke medicine! It’s funny that medical symbol is precisely an Aesculapius, 2 serpents entwined, as the twin brothers. It seem to me that it’s getting clearer the opportunity we have on this period of time to HEAL AND REGENERATE. Because it’s precisely the Anahuac will see the Moon (Metztli) hide the Sun. 





miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012


We are a few days away from an important date from different points of view, May 20th,2012. This day an Annular Solar Eclipse will happen and different global phenomenons will be triggered:

First of all, its central band starts in South CHINA, meaning MACAO and HONG KONG, then goes through TAIPEI (northen TAIWAN), along the entire Pacific coast of JAPAN,TOKYO, crossing the North Pacific through the south of the Aleutian Islands, ending on the West Coast and Central U.S., by the North CALIFORNIA and OREGON, then NEVADA, UTAH (Grand Canyon and Lake Powell), northern ARIZONA, southern COLORADO, NEW MEXICO finishing in the middle of TEXAS.


The uniquenes and great importance of this eclipse is its exceptional width of 236 kms, on its maximun central band,and the fact that on its annular phase lasts a maximum of 5 minutes and 41 seconds, making it one of the longest annular eclipses of Sun. (On the North Pacific).

Another relevant fact is that this eclipse crosses the International Date Line, so it will begin on May 21st,  in South China and will end on May 20th, 2012 in USA.

As I mentioned before, from ancient times, solar eclipses have been related with several events of deep structural and social changes on territories that its shade touches, such as natural disasters, social riots or wars. Nowadays, this eclipse frames very important astrological events: the Pleiades (known as Tsáab, "sleighbell snake"  for Mayas) aligment with the SUN (Kinich Ahau for Mayas), the MOON and the EARTH. This aligment marks the date "zero" or slighbell snake date for Mayas.

Once again, the eclipse will activate the Pacific Ocean Volcanic Ring of fire, the movement and displacement of oceanic plates towards continents, correlated with important terrestrial  magma movement. On a social perspective, great market economies will start collapsing, mostly on countries where the shade goes trought, but as January 4th, 2011 Total Eclipse will still be affecting, armed confrontation on Middle East and Europe countries economic especulation will be stronger. On the emotional perspective, this eclipse will detonate panic events as well as massive moral awareness.

The reason why Pleiades are called slighbell snake for Mayas is very interesting, at plain sight they are just a bounch of stars, but they actually have an helical specific movement much like a slighbell snake.

This stars or suns are at 380 light years from us (the closest to the solar system) covering a diametrer space of 70 light years. They are located on Taurus constellation. On esoteric literature the Pleiades or Atlantes as well as the Polar Star are related  with all countries fate. 

Plaiades are know as the seven sisters, this give us a reason to belive that the cosmic nature of this constellation comes from a myth related with seven women (7 powers, 7 light thunders, etc), they where Atlas and Atlantidas daughters called:
There was a belive saying all 7 sisters had married with Gods, turning themselves on mothers of famous heroes and country founders, this fact is important because Pleiades´s specific alignment with the sun might well represent the START of a new civilization! Personally I think this is what May 20th, 2012 represents.

Pleiades are also the natural feminine and magnetic universe representation. Alice Bailey, on her book, "Esoteric Astrology" highlights our solar system energy as a result of a triangulation between the Ursa Major seven stars, the seven Pleiades (sometimes called ursa major wives) and Sirio. This energy triangulation is manifested as Active Will, Power, Love, Wisdom and Intelligence, qualities that should define and lead humanity´s path from now on. It´s time to let FEMININE energy, represented by the Pleiades, manifest her attributes to lead our civilization and collective change. This way, Ketzalcóatl´s return frames feminine attributes that SOCIETY could use to demonstrate a change on hope and path, an arrowhead for all those changes that millons of people all over the planet are hoping for. Maybe now we can understand why Mexico is a KEY of this change and why Ketzalcóatl´s return  is not a myth.


The Great Giza Pyramid alignment with Alcion (from Pleiades), and Polar Star is important because it becomes the point on earth for masculine-electrical-spirit and feminine-magnetic-form outset. A lot has been written about the alignment of the 3 pyramids assembling Orion´s Belt, but using only the Great Pyramd as reference we can distinguish on plain sight the esoteric yin-yang balance basis (masculine- feminine), if you wach the pyramid from the sky:

Turns out that pyramid´s edges (pyramid base on green) are specifically correspondant with four constellations:

The exact alignment with specific stars for each constellation is impressive, this way we can notice two axes :

1) TAURUS (ALDEBARAN star) - SCORPION (ANTARES star) ax. Ancient wold images:

2) LEO (REGULUS star) - ACUARIUS (FORMALHAUT star, currently in Piscies) ax, ancient world images:

When Pleiades align, from Taurus constellation with the SUN, shows the beggining of Ketzalcóatl or Kukulkan´s arrival. The same happens in Mesoamerica pyramids when they are aligned with the same constellations.

In TAURUS (May 20th, Pleiades alignment:Tsaab(slighbell snake)- SCORPIO (Antares, EAGLE), and its image: FEATHERED OR PRECIOUS SNAKE- QUETZALCOATL:

This arrival or Ketzalcóatl return starts on May 20th, 2012 and continues until November 13th, 2012 when Scorpios constellation(meaning Sagitarious) passes throught and finishes with a TOTAL ECLIPSE OF SUN. This is when, just for a brief period of time, OPHIUCO´s (wrongly included as an 13th zodiac constellation few year´s ago by some people) gains its importance, since it's related as the SNAKE or KETZALCOATL CARRIER.

AQUILA AND SERPENTIS constellations are not located here just out of chance.


Kukulcan form Mayas, Pelaketza for Mixtecos and Zapotecos, and Ketzalcóatl for Nahuatl, Toltecas and Mexicas; its return or visit is a directly related with Pleiades (slighbell snake) alignment phenomenon, Venus and Sun alignment occurs 16 days later (June 5-6th, 2012) and frames the awakening of the volcanic chain on Mexican territoy (Popocatépetl is allready in activity which will increase after June 6th) this activity will finish on November 13th with the Total Eclipse of Sun.

With this astrological Ketzalcóatl interpretation we can and must dismiss all Ketzalcóatl return interpretations that make it look like a mesias or a physical character. Ketzalcóatl´s return is the unique and unrepeatable  opportunity  for each one of us to experience and work with the great purpose of elevate our state of consciousness and transcend to the 3rd dimension without really leaving it and become ourselves in brothers of 3rd to 5th dimension collective conscience. Once you have delevolped Ketzalcóatl return on yourself, the bennining of a new committed and solidary civilization with a collective wellfare will start on that same time and dimensional space (3rd dimension). I would also like to share that the "few chosen" theories about dimensional travels to leave earth are not exactly true, those fortunate people that will actually do their HOMEWORK on this Ketzalcóatl return, will be the ones whose new civilization will be based on, the SIXTH SUN.

According to Maya´s prophecies a Great Cosmic cross that happened on August 11th, 1999 Annular Eclipse of Sun begun the last FIFTH SUN, 13 years of the "time of no time" period that will end on next May 20th, 2012 where Kukulcan starts its arrival ending on Novermber,2012 when HUNAB KU (Galaxy central light and energy manifestation of our onmipresent GOD in time and space) sends a strong cosmic light of syncronization to begin a new 26,000 years period. So the SIXTH SUN is the SUNRISE of a new conscience and will inevitably affect our Sun´s behaviour and all human race in consecuence.

I will finish this article saying that Ketzalcóatl is not about a divinity or specicific energy, but one of the 4 degrees of illumination for an ancient master, meanning the 4 TEZCALTIPOCAS. The one that becomes connected with cosmos male-female in order to focus the spiritual elevation energies.

On the following articles I will talk about, what is Ketzalcóatl, the importance of sacred cities, how to visit them, what to look on them and how to activate in each one of us the Ketzalcóatl energy. This is the most important path (XANHARU), that we should walk on 2012. 





viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

11/11/11 Mith or Reality?

In our culture, framed by dates and moments, one is generating all kinds of reactions and expectation......11/11/11. With all due respect to numerology as es

oteric and spiritual art, so far, I have always kept myself with more questions than answers, numerology is linked to specific dates as the current one.

That does not mean I have a contemptuous or arrogant approach towards it, I cannot detract from the contribution of knowledge or numerical application on names or circumstances. But I think as with the phenomenon of 2000 (the millennium), and also will happen to the wrongly calculated date of the "World's End" of the Maya´s (21/12/12), a date by itself creates a series of ideas and fury that at best evokes surprise.

The bad news:

If you're hoping on 11/11/11 that "opening" portals of light and energy conduce to a new human consciousness, and "something" will "light up" by art of magic just for the date itself, the news is that it’s not going to happen. Pretend that a date, only because of its number would lead to a change in behavior or collective awareness is the same as pretending that February 14th should always be very loving or every second sunday of May very motherly ...... the thing does not happen that way any more.

On other hand, it’s pretty naïve pretending to believe that because "the openning of these spiritual gates", is beneficial to go to a pyramid or archaeological site to "seize" the "good vibes". It has been shown and demonstrated that in general, all ancient pyramid monuments are closely linked with astrology and natural phenomena such as: changing seasons, solstices and equinoxes, but I am quite certain that none of these cultures had in mind the Gregorian calendar date 11/11/11 for anything specific.

Where does the date comes from?

The actual date of 11/11/11 in which we are based, corresponds to the Gregorian calendar established by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 and gradually replaced the Julian calendar.

These calendar reforms (Gregorian) where three, the first was that it eliminated from the Julian calendar 10 days so they jumped dates from a Thursday October 4th to Friday October 15th 1582, in order to “match” the spring equinox with the northern hemisphere on March 21st.The second point had to do with leap years and the third with calculation of Easter or Resurrection Sunday. Therefore, based on this reform 11/11/11 happened 10 days ago!, which was the 01/11/11 of the Julian calendar.

Additionally, the former Julian calendar, d

eveloped by astronomer Sosigenes of Alexandria, based as its starting point, the Egyptian Calendar. This calendar was widespread in the Roman Empire around the year 46 BC, however it is said that the calendar year began 45adC and for that reason were added to this calendar arbitrarily 85 days to compensate for this error (?). In addition to moving from BC to AC was obviously there should be a year 0 (zero), a concept that did not run on that culture (roman) and does not refer the Julian calendar. So if we add 365 days of a year zero unscheduled over 85 days of compensation for errors less than 10 days gregorian reform, it appears that our 11/11/11 will be presented in the 25/01/13 (considering the absence year zero) or 24/01/12 (with zero year)

Anyway, it we give the benefit without doubt, the correct date would be: 11/11/2011! , Not 11/11/11. And doing the numerology of11/11/2011 gives us an 8, not 11!

Why this matter? Because numerology, which supports the concept of number 11 is based on the Kabbalah (of Egyptian origin and based on the Egyptian calendar), and the concepts of Pythagoras (the music of the spheres) around 530 adC!. Numerology is based on Ancient Egyptian Calendar.

Meaning 11:
In Kabalah 11 is Lamed (‘stinger’ that leads oxen) that represents materialization or realization from faith and will.

It means a couple of one’s: on one hand, the Magician unfolded, expanded, extended and duplicated by another one, the Priestess. The result is the balance and its manifested as righteousness or Justice. If we multiply 1111 by 1111 results in fractal scale: 1234321 which is basically a pyramid that has to have a balance.

In IFA’s theology (also origin

ated on ancient Egypt and as the Kabalah) 1 is represented by Eyiogbe which means "double salvation" to write in binary code happens:
If we join those sets of 1, it results in double 1 or 11!. Interesting that during 2010 and 2011 the letter of the year or ruling sign is precisely EYIOGBE!.

It is for this particular reason that I have pointed out in earlier writings that we have been living the energy of 11(as doble one) since 2010 and represents mostly: Changes, head (crown), structure, movement, spiritual opening (opening pineal gland), and many more (see letters of 2010 and 2011 of this blog).

The Power of our Mind:

As Jung established the theory of "collective unconscious" that holds us all come together in a body of knowledge developed over generations and cultures before and in which all knowledge is stored, so that each of us are born with a psychic material that comes from experience but is present even when we are developing in the womb and that has a structure that is channeled and developed with the environment. It is also important to consider the collective power of thought: Collective Thougth.

Collective or GroupThink is a term coined by Irving Janis and states that a group can make different types of decisions depending on the thoughts they share. Janis explains that it is a way of thinking that people adopt when they are deeply involved in a cohesive group, when the efforts of the members unanimously ignore their motivation to realistically assess alternative courses of action.

The best example of collective thinking happens every New Years eve when about 7000 million people believe and accept that on December 31st of each year ends a cycle, and the next day starts a new one, this based on arbitrary and manipulated calendars that we use as the truth and that aren´t based on any nature cyclic phenomena.

Astrologic aspects:

The 11/11/11 is framed by three major planetary aspects:

a) Moon (full) square to Neptune, which means receptivity blocked by excessive nervousness, restlessness, bad decisions, widespread discontent, outbursts of anger, tendency to cold reason thinking, many economic fluctuation trends and possible disappointments and mythomaniac behaviours.

b) Mars in opposition to Neptune, which means locking between aggressiveness and intuition and therefore uncertainty, perplexity, immobilization and nervous weakness. General tendency to evade reality (many will think that magically we start a new type of thought or consciousness only to get to 11/11/11), and even abuse drugs or alcohol.

c) Large triangle between Jupiter, Mars and Pluto all in earth signs, which can be conducive to physically manifest strongly any positive or negative thinking for each person.


This 11/11/11 millions of people think that an "opening of dimensional gates" will happen, which presents a "new opportunity" for spiritual growth, and so on. We must put a value on that thought.

Taking into account this actual energy power it’s a valid thought that on 11/11/11 we should join the collective thoughts of millions and raise constructive and positive thoughts that we need everywhere.

Do not expect a "miracle" or "giant" phenomenon, if there are problems with cellular communications due to the high solar activity, not to 11/11/11, if there are conspiracy theories and someone can "play" with numbers to find an endless array of symbols, what is a reality for me is that from 2010 until now we have been living this different and profound manifestations of number 11.

Accept the changes, embrace them and do not resist them. There are structural changes, above plots, above and minority interests, above foolish whims. We are all wrapped in a spiral of energy that moves on and we poorly understand, but we can use positively. Think big, think positive, think we can be better, but not only on 11/11/11, but at any time, from this moment as a new habit of love.

All is well established and there is no group, interest or perversion that can change what we all live. Those who understand this expression of love will feel satisfied, even in the midst of disaster or material losses ahead, but the millions who resist and seek to live with the "past rules" will suffer much because they will not understand the why and wherefore of each situation.

Life is not written or summarizes or is determined on a single day, but any time you can rewrite the script and from that, you can reinvent yourself for good, as well as for your family, community and others too.

After all, we depend on others to keep faith and hope and humanity, to transcend generations, because one day, you will be remember and give thanks for what others will received, and we must thank all our ancestors because of what they lived and wrote for us. Our actions, not just one day, but of our existence will become part of the collective subconscious of generations not imagine.

Believe in love, live love and remember that your expression of love does not have to "fit" into preset molds.

Iboya Iboru Ibochiche

jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011


We continue with the beginning of this year and is now up to China Culture demonstrate their knowledge of the energies that accompany us in 2011. Looking for similarities between 2010 and 2011 since we expect a continue of last year's energy trend, its evident that:



So this year repeats the same element, the metal with different characteristics. Because while the Tiger (2010) was sharp, aggressive, intense, in the case of the Rabbit (2011) this animal is active but contained, stored or retracted and then exploit their maximum activity.

On the other hand while in the Tiger (2010) prevailed aggression and most people were tense, nervous, mad and bad; now at the Rabbit (2011) most will become happy and loose but more nervous, indecisive and dissatisfied which means that many situations will be more unpredictable than in 2010. Rabbit always inspires positive or negative feelings, but never indifference, so surely it will promote a tendency to change. While in 2010 the Tiger "called our attention" to the force, in 2011 the Rabbit will make us react and feel with mixed emotions throughout the year. For example, the metal element to be associated with money will encourage many ups and downs, there will be times of plenty cash flow followed the contrary, the stock market will behave "very nervous" and there will always be tendency to "save" or "contain." It is therefore recommended in the staff not to waste, be reasonable.

In another aspect while in the Tiger (2010) changes ensued without any recognition for the work or effort, but those changes were in significant variables (macro), mainly focused on the superficial and the physical; now the Rabbit (2011) is micro so we'll see many changes, intimate and internal but also with an evident recognition or disapproval of the work and commitment.

In general, much will be forced to be done in a measured, quiet way, with small steps, but the excitement and competitiveness that produces the metal element tells us that there will be times of explosion and hurry. The Rabbit is a sexual sign, so there will be a noticeable increase in sexual activity, but framed within a changing environment this will result in many casual or one night stand encounters, this can lead to a significant increase in unplanned pregnancies and therefore mainly young people to become committed because if it by the end of the year.

Another interesting fact about China is that astrology as I mentioned before is luni-solar, in its interpretation matters the Sun and the Moon. This year the lunar cycle begins on February 3, while the solar cycle starts on 4 February. Whenever one year begins with the lunar cycle before the sun is regarded by the Chinese tradition as a good year, well outlined for starting new projects, even to marry. It is also an auspicious time to buy real estate. This year like no other will encourage major changes at work, so many will be attracted by the nature of potential new work beside the compensation it represents, so many will give more importance to nature of the work instead of the ammount that can be earned.

As in most cases, the same energy or momentum of energy will affect each one differently, so it will be a year of expansion for someones, while others will feel content or imprisoned. There were those who will have a desire to move and travel, while others will prefer to stay secure at a burrow. Also some will have negative results of many decisions made in a superficial way or without any analysis of last season. The times and circumstances that violated relationships, friendships, societies and countries in 2010, unfortunately will not decrease in 2011 due to the nervousness of metal element (weapons, war, strife) during this year.

Again I invite you to analyze the changes, meditate and submit decisions to what make us feel good and satisfied over what makes us richer and prosperous. Finally, with patience, tenacity, and with small steps is more likely to achieve satisfactory results in the monetary field, that trying to eat a business on a single bite. There is a big difference in how Tiger an Rabbit eats, there are also big difference between the Tiger which is a violent and large predator, while the Rabbit is a little nervous collector. The metal makes the Rabbit energy concerned about desires, goals, plans and creative needs, which will manifest in ingenious new ideas in formats on TV and Radio programs. But like the predictions of Osha Regla, it repeats an important message about communication:

According to Feng Shui and Flying Stars school Xuang Kong Fei Xing in 2011 comes to the Palace of the star center known as Po June or Dejected Warrior. The nature of this star is the metal element, however, in the last period 1984 to 2004 during cycle 7, showed all positive attributes. Now in the period 8 in which we will be from 2004 to 2024, the nature of this star becomes negative, so it is recommended for 2011 is mainly talking extreme caution, as there is a close relationship with mouth, so it is best to use correct language and not a double meaning or denote things you really do not want to say because you will get in trouble. It warns that conflicts resulting from communication, misunderstandings, verbal insults, promises not accomplished, people who do not hold their word will be the order of the day.

This is a year of changes on structures within outside organizations and families, I said that some changes will be sudden as I explain in writing on Eyiogbe, but the laxity and flexibility of the Rabbit will brings us a little easier way to adapt and achieve new changes. Much of what someone will positive achieved will come from a steady job and discipline . This year for the Chinese, the Rabbit is significantly influenced by Tai Sui or Jupiter, which implies that everyone must avoid violence.

The ancients invited us in their great wisdom to imitate the stars, also imitate animals that represent the moments. It is time to act like the animal that you represent (depending on the year you were born) but with the positive characteristics that Metal Rabbit will guide us in 2011.

Remember, it is important to embrace the emotional changes, we had the opportunity to transmute our emotions and is therefore essential to ensure that these emotions will not affect our decision-making. Now it's time to move from the settlement of emotions toward changes in the structures and forms that allow us to make permanent any growth process.

Awo ni Orunmila Oggunda Kete

lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

January 4th Solar Eclipse

Today I will address an interesting topic that presents us with some frequency, which are the solar eclipses. Este 4 de enero tendremos un eclipse solar y si usamos su influencia correctamente, podemos evitarnos muchos dolores de cabeza y muchos probables eventos vaticinados en la letra del año con la repetición de Eyiogbe. On January 4th we had a solar eclipse and if we use its influence properly, we can avoid many headaches and many likely events foretold in the letter of the year by repeating Eyiogbe.

En la astrología el espacio se divide en 12 casas o signos. In astrology the space is divided into 12 houses or signs. Este tema de las casas es motivo de libros enteros, pero lo importante es que dichas casas corresponden a diferentes aspectos de la vida de las personas, así tenemos que las casas hablan de: This theme of the houses is a matter of entire books, but the important thing is that these houses correspond to different aspects of people's lives ,this houses talk about:

    • Casas 1-7: Yo-Los otros Houses 1-7: Myself -The Others
    • Casas 2-8: Mis Posesiones- Las posesiones de otros Houses 2-8: My near - The far environment
    • Casas 4-10: Vida privada-Vida Pública Houses 4-10: Private Life - Public Life
    • Casas 5-11: Proyectos Personales-Proyectos Sociales Houses 5-11: Personal Porjects - Social Projects
    • Casas 6-12: Trabajo y salud- Servicio y Enfermedades Houses 6-12: Work and health - Service and Diseases

Las 12 casas o signos están representados cada una por un signo zodiacal. The 12 houses or signs are represented each by a zodiac sign.

Otro dato importante es que los planetas cercanos al sol influyen en nosotros como personas, mientras que los mas alejados influyen en un nivel mas grupal o social. Another important fact is that planets near the sun affect us as individuals, while those farther away had more influence on us as a group or social level. Cada planeta con sus energías influye en nosotros de diferente manera dependiendo de la casa donde se encuentre en un momento dado. Each planet with its energy affects us differently depending on the house where you are at any given time.

Por lógica, cuando la luna y le sol están en casas o signos contrarios es cuando se produce el eclipse de luna, pero cuando están en la misma casa o signo es cuando Logically, when the moon and sun are in opposite signs or homes is when the eclipse of the moon, but when in the same house or sign is when eclipse solar eclipse occurs.


It is important to note that the eclipses of sun or moon act differently on a personal level. Los Eclipses de Sol producen mayor toma de conciencia en los cambios que producen, con el sol habla la mente la consciencia. Eclipses of the Sun produce increased awareness of the changes that occur, the sun speaks about the mind consciousness. Los de Luna se manifiestan en una forma más sutil a nivel emocional e inconsciente, a nivel del sentir. The Moon is manifested in a more subtle emotional and unconscious level, a level of feeling.

Por tanto, el Eclipse Lunar pasado nos presentó la oportunidad de analizar emociones y sentimientos, de despojarnos de la "basura" emocional. Therefore, the last Lunar Eclipse presented us the opportunity to discuss emotions and feelings, to cast off the emotional "junk". Ahora el Eclipse de Sol nos abre la oportunidad de actuar a partir de nuestros pensamientos e intenciones. Now the Eclipse of the Sun gives us the opportunity to act on our thoughts and intentions.

image Hay quienes sostienen que en la antiguedad muchos pueblos creían que un eclipse se producía cuando un dragón gigantesco se estaba tragando el Sol o la Luna. Some argue that in ancient times many people believed that an eclipse occurred when a giant dragon was swallowing the sun or the moon. Como el Sol y la Luna son imprescindibles para la vida, la gente salía a ahuyentar a tan monstruosos animales, lanzando flechas, profiriendo gritos y haciendo ruidos de todo tipo. As the Sun and Moon are essential for life, people came out to chase so monstrous animals, shooting arrows, uttering cries and making noises of all kinds. Cuando a los pocos minutos el Sol volvía a brillar o la Luna resplandecía de nuevo, se consideraban vencedores: el animal había huido. When a few minutes later the sun become shining or the moon shone again the animal had escaped. o por el contrario creo que los antiguos sabían perfectamente los efectos del sol y la luna y que se preparaban para los eclipses, de manera que dependiendo de las circustancias que los acompañaban hacían diferentes rituales o acciones para usar la influencia benéfica de un eclipse y para evitar los aspectos negativos del mismo. Others believe that the ancients knew well the effects of the sun and the moon and how to be prepared for the eclipse, so that depending on the circumstances they accomplished various rituals or actions made to use the beneficial influence of an eclipse and avoid the negative aspects of it.

A pesar de la belleza de los eclipses, muchos les atribuyen, sobre todo a los solares efectos o fenómenos negativos como hambrunas, epidemias, muertes de reyes, etc. Despite the beauty of the eclipse, many get aware mainly to solar effects or adverse events such as famines, epidemics, deaths of kings, etc.
Pero, al estudiar exhaustivamente los eclipses se comprueba que no todos tienen dichos efectos maléficos en las comunidades. But studying the eclipses thorough the years had shown not everyone has such evil effects in communities. Algunos parecen actuar muy benéficamente para los humanos. Some appear to act very beneficial to humans. Según cuenta Herodoto, el 28 de mayo del año 585 aC un eclipse de sol provocó la tregua entre medos y litios, cuya guerra duraba cinco años. According to Herodotus tales on 28 May in the year 585 BC a solar eclipse caused the truce between the Medos and Lithious whose war lasted five years. En pleno fragor de la batalla, se hizo de noche en pleno día, algo que obligó a los contendientes a abandonar la lucha. In the heat of battle, it was dark in broad daylight, something that forced the combatants to abandon the struggle.

Un ejemplo mas reciente que lo anterior se dió en la Guerra del Golfo: A more recent example was given above in the Gulf War:

El día 6 de agosto de 1990 de produjo un eclipse de luna en Leo. On 6 August 1990 was a lunar eclipse in Leo. El día 2 previo al eclipse Irak había invadido Kuwait.Las tropas aliadas se aglutinaban en la zona y la tensión iba en aumento. On day 2 after eclipse Iraq had invaded Kuwait. The agglutinated Allied troops in the area and tension was mounting. Irak recibió un ultimátum por parte de la ONU: o retiraba sus tropas de Kuwait o sufriría las consecuencias. Iraq received an ultimatum by the UN: either withdraw its troops from Kuwait or suffer the consequences. Al final el día 17 de enero de 1991 los aliados tomaron Kuwait y unas horas después de que se produjo un Eclipse Total de Sol. De manera que los dos momentos más decisivos del conflicto del Golfo, fueron puntualmente señalados por eclipses: el de Luna de primeros de agosto de 1990 y el de Sol de mitad de enero de 1991. At the end of the day January 17, 1991 the Allies took Kuwait and a few hours after a total solar eclipse happened. So the two most defining moments of the Gulf conflict, were promptly identified by eclipses: the Moon early August 1990 and the solar on mid January 1991.

Las energías cambian, los momentos y circustancias también, por tanto lo que sucede con un eclipse de luna o sol en un momento específico no puede ser generalizado. The energy change, times and circumstances too; so what happens to an eclipse of the moon or sun at a specific time can not be generalized.

También se cree que en los lugares donde se proyecta la 'sombra' de un eclipse solar son lugares geográficos donde con mayor impacto se manifiesta el efecto que pueda tener. It is also believed that in places where it is projected the 'shadow' of a solar eclipse are geographical locations where the greatest impact manifests if an effect may happen. Siendo el sol fuente de vida y nuevamente recordando que el sol afecta a la mente y el 'hacer', es lógico suponer que por donde pasa la sombra del eclipse, se pueden dar fenómenos adversos a la mente y la consciencia. The sun is the source of life and again remembering that the sun affects the mind and the 'doing', it is conceivable that through which the shadow of the eclipse, adverse events can occur to the mind and consciousness.

Este año como el anterior, la profecía (eyiogbe) habla de CAMBIOS Y TRANSFORMACIONES, por tanto en estas dos ocasiones (eclipse lunar pasado y eclipse solar del 4 de enero) el obstáculo a vencer se llama: RESISTENCIA AL CAMBIO Y EL DOBLE LENGUAJE. This year as before, the prophecy (Eyiogbe) speaks of change and transformation, so in these two occasions (last lunar eclipse and solar eclipse of January 4) the obstacle to overcome is called: resistance to change and double meanings.

Tomando en cuenta esto, aqui les comparto el comunicado del maestro Walter Anliker: Given this, here I agree with the statement of the teacher Walter Anliker (Astrologist):

"....El día 4 de enero de 2011 habrá un eclipse solar parcial. (carta 1) Sol y Luna estarán en el grado 13 de Capricornio, haciendo una cuadratura a su dispositor Saturno en Libra. Esto puede señalar, en términos generales, restricciones y escasez, la famosa cuesta de enero, esta vez no solo para México, sino para todo el planeta. ".... On January 4th, 2011 there will be a partial solar eclipse. (Chart 1) Sun and Moon are at 13 degree Capricorn, making a square to Saturn in Libra dispositor. This may indicate, in general terms, restrictions and shortages, the famous hill of January, this time not only for Mexico but for the entire planet.

Carta 1 Chart 1


(EU, Venezuela y el Dalai Lama tienen el Sol en 13° de Cáncer, Hugo Chávez tiene en este grado los Nodos Lunares, Luna, Júpiter y Mercurio. Durante todo el 2011, habrá mucha tensión planetaria en este grado como se va ver también en otros horóscopos del año(U.S., Venezuela and the Dalai Lama has the Sun in 13 ° Cancer, Hugo Chávez has in this Grade Lunar Nodes, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury. Throughout 2011, there will be much tension in this grade as a planet will also see horoscopes other year.)

Plutón en tránsito posteriormente hará conjunción a este grado del eclipse, esto va ser el 14 de enero de 2015, cuando se activarán otra vez los temas de este eclipse. Then transiting Pluto will conjunct this degree of eclipse, this will be the January 14, 2015, when activated again the themes of this eclipse.
El aspecto de Venus en cuadratura a Neptuno ya es muy exacto y puede anunciar problemas económicos serios y/o una devaluación escondída, lo que vamos a percibir es que se van aumentar muchos precios de productos básicos y el petróleo. The appearance of Venus square Neptune and is very accurate and may herald serious economic problems and / or a hidden devaluation, what we see is that will start an increase on prices of many commodities and oil. El EURO y el Dólar están bajo fuerte presión. The Euro and the dollar are under pressure. La combinación Venus/Neptuno puede indicar también conspiraciones en el plano diplomático. The combination Venus / Neptune can also indicate conspiracies at the diplomatic level.

El año inicia con la última de tres conjunciones entre Júpiter y Urano, la primera se dio en 0° de Aries y las otras dos a finales de Piscis. The year begins with the last of three conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus, the first was in 0 degrees of Aries and the other two at the end of Pisces.
Esta conjunción en general favorece políticamente a la derecha ya los empresarios, en consecuencia debilita a la izquierda, especialmente en America Latina (Cuba y Venezuela). This combination generally favors the right politically and entrepreneurs, thus weakening the left, especially in Latin America (Cuba and Venezuela).

Por otro lado esta conjunción es significativa para inventos nuevos, especialmente en tecnología y aviación. On the other hand, this conjunction is significant for new inventions, especially in technology and aviation. Estamos, como lo anunció hace unas semanas mi colega, el astrólogo español Vicente Cassanya, al inicio de la “2° era espacial”, con vuelos espaciales comerciales y no estatales. As announced a few weeks ago my colleague, Vincent Cassany Spanish astrologer, with the beginning of the "2nd space era", with commercial space flight and non-state.
Richard Branson dueño de la empresa “Virgin Galactic” ofrece vuelos espaciales y suborbitales desde su pista en New Mexico. Richard Branson who owns the company "Virgin Galactic" is offering suborbital space flights from its track in New Mexico. Por 144.000 Euros se puede experimentar unos minutos de ingravidez, - la cantante Madonna ya se ha comprado un boleto. For 144,000 Euros you can experience several minutes of weightlessness - Madonna has already bought a ticket.

Con mucha exactitud se manifestó el simbolismo planetario, recordando que con la misma conjunción, en 1969 el hombre pisó la primera vez la Luna. Very accurately expressed the planetary symbolism, recalling that the same conjunction, in 1969 the first man landed on the moon.

27 de diciembre 2010, en México DF...." December 27, 2010, in Mexico City ...."


Regresando al tema de la resistencia al cambio. Returning to the theme of resistance to change. La escasez y falta de recursos, en parte se debe a un incremento importante de consumo, muchas ocasiones de bienes y servicios superfluos. The shortage and lack of resources, in part due to a significant increase in consumption, often of unnecessary goods and services. Quién se excede en gastos tendrá problemas todo el año. Who has exceeded expenditures might have problems all year. Recordemos que en Eyiogbe: Recalling Eyiogbe:

De igual manera que en el 2010, una de las principales características energético-espirituales que enmarca este año 2011 es el fenómeno del lo 'doble'. Just as in 2010, a major energy-spiritual characteristics that frames this year 2011 is the phenomenon of the 'double'. Esto tiene una implicación simple pero a la vez compleja. This has an implication simple yet complex. Todo lo que sucede o lo que nos puede suceder, tiene un doble significado. Everything that happens or what might happen, has a dual meaning. Esto también puede ser interpretado por un 'doble sentido', y lo crucial de este doble sentido, de la doble intención, del lenguaje doble, es que por lo general SE CONTRAPONEN. This can also be interpreted by a 'double sense', and the touchstone of this double meaning, double meanings, double language, that generally are opposed. Osea que se puede hablar en un sentido, pretendiendo otro, o uno puede escuchar un discurso y entenderlo de una manera diferente a la que tiene el orador, suena esto familiar?. So someone that can speak in a sense, might mean another, or someone can hear and understand a speech in a different manner from what it is, does this sound familiar?. Habrá quién piense: "bueno, eso sucede siempre en la política" (y en muchos sentidos), pero de lo que hablamos ahora es de lo que tenemos que hacer para evitar caer en la tentación de entender lo contrario o de hacer lo contrario a lo que nos pueda alinear con los cambios. Whether one might think, "well, that always happens in politics" (and in many ways), but we talk about is to pay special attention of what we must do to avoid falling into the temptation of understand or otherwise do the opposite of what we should do to align correctly with the changes.

Mucho OJO, en México hay la percepción de que el gobierno pueda 'gastar de mas' por el AÑO DE HIDALGO, sin embargo en este aspecto se puede producir el LENGUAJE DOBLE, donde por un lado se busque reactivar la economía pero por otro las empresas solo usen los recursos para acumular y no producir. ATTENTION, in Mexico there is a perception that government can 'spend more' for the year of Hidalgo (traditionally the 5th presidential year become of an increase in expenses from goverment), but in this aspect can happen dual language where one side is looking to revive the economy but for other companies just use the resources to accumulate and not producing. habrán otras instancias donde efectivamente no haya mucho que gastar. actually there will be other instances where there is not much to spend.

Así Eyiogbe (que matemáticamente se representa con un doble ocho: 8-8) habla de dos grandes influencias que rigen con su poder a los seres humanos, y así como existe el día y la noche, astralmente hablando se trata del sol (Olorun) y la luna (ashupua).Uno de los muchos ejemplos entre yin-yang; por eso uno no debe de sorprenderse que durante este año pasemos de días de gran actividad a días totalmente improductivos. So Eyiogbe (which mathematically is represented by a double eight: 8-8) speaks of two major influences governing its power to human beings, as there is day and night, or like the astral sun (Olorun) and the moon (ashupua), etc. One of many examples of yin-yang, which is why one should not wonder that this year we will go from day to day high activity to totally unproductive one. Esto mismo puede suceder entre diferentes semanas o meses e incluso entre un semestre y otro. The same can happen between different weeks or months or even between a half year and another. Ahora bien, la clave para no perder el camino correcto o la dirección correcta de nuestro andar por el 2011 es evitar tres distractores o enemigos: However, the key to not lose the right path or the right direction of our walk by 2011 is to avoid three distractors or enemies:

1.-La ostentación y el culto a la personalidad 1.-The glitz and the cult of personality

2.-Las mujeres 2.-Women

3.-El dinero 3.-Money

Ups!... Oops! ... Estas tres situaciones, son la base de lo que la mayoría busca día a día. These three situations are the basis of what most people look for every day. Manejar un mejor carro, tener ropa cara o cualquier aditamento que haga parecer que tenemos o poseemos mas de lo que en realidad hemos logrado. Drive a better car, expensive clothes or have any attachment that makes it seem that we have or possess more than what we actually achieved. Buscar el reconocimiento o la reafirmación de cualquier situación psico-fisiológica en el sexo opuesto y por supuesto acumular dinero y riqueza solo por el hecho de hacerlo. Seek recognition or reaffirmation of any psycho-physiological status in the opposite sex and of course hoard money and wealth just for the heck of it. Estos tres elementos son precisamente los que pueden ser factores clave en la toma de desiciones de miles de personas por donde el eclipse pasara su sombra e influenciar la consciencia y toma de decisiones de manera errónea. These three elements are precisely those that may be key factors in the decision making of thousands of people where the eclipse passed its shadow and influence and decision-making consciousness incorrectly. Preveo gran crisis económica en países de Europa, Medio Oriente y Asia, que pueden tensar las relaciones diplomáticas y un estallido social. I expect great economic and political crisis in countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia, which may strain diplomatic relations and social upheaval.

Así como hay tres distractores o enemigos, también hay tres aditivos o elementos amigos: On the orther hand at the same time we have three distractors or enemies, there are three additives or friend elements

1.- Agua 1 .- Water

2.- Viento 2 .- Wind

3.- Calor (fuego) 3 .- Heat (fire)

Estos tres elementos son los necesarios para que se produzcan cambios, para que exista movimiento. These three elements are necessary to bring changes, therefore movement. Los cambios y el movimiento son la expresión misma de la naturaleza, de lo normal, pero al manifestarse en Eyiogbe significa que serán potencialmente mayores en cantidad y en calidad; por lo que a pesar de ser elementos necesarios para el movimiento y los cambios, el hecho de que manifiesten bruscamente propicia: Temblores, Terremotos, Erupciones Volcánicas, Tornados, Huracanes.... Changes and movement are the very embodiment of nature, of normality, but manifested in Eyiogbe would mean they are potentially greater in quantity and quality so, despite being elements necessary for movement and change, that favors sharply: Earthquakes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes ....

El motivo principal de este incremento en la actividad de estos elementos es que paradójicamente en años anteriores no ha habido el movimiento suficiente para liberar principalmente la energía del magma y de la superposición de las placas tectónicas. The main reason for this increase in activity of these elements is that, paradoxically, in previous years there has not been enough movement to free energy mainly magma and tectonic plates overlap. De manera que al igual que el año pasado será muy común y frecuente saber de erupciones volcánicas de todo tipo de nivel alrededor del orbe, de terremotos en lugares donde casi nuca tiembla y en lugares donde tiembla mucho, mayor actividad pluvial. So, as last year, there will be very common and frequent volcanic eruptions at all grade levels around the world, earthquakes in places where it almost never shakes and trembles in far places plus greater storm activity eather snow and water.

Afortunadamente la sombra de este eclipse no tocará a América, sin embargo lo que suceda en la otra parte del mundo de cualquier manera afectará a nuestras vulnerables economías. Fortunately the shadow of the eclipse will not play in America, but what happens on the other side of the world in a way affects our vulnerable economies.


Todo lo que decidiste dejar y desechar emocionalmente con el eclipse de luna pasado, todo lo que decidiste desechar con el cambio de año. Everything you decide to leave and discard emotionally with the last lunar eclipse, all of you decided to discard the new year. And then,Ahora ACTUA para liberarte en mente y en hechos, de todo aquello que te sobra, que es superfluo. ACT now to get free in mind and deed, everything that you left over, which is superfluous, so the effect will be positive using this solar eclipse.

Best Regards

Ricardo OggundaKete