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jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011


We continue with the beginning of this year and is now up to China Culture demonstrate their knowledge of the energies that accompany us in 2011. Looking for similarities between 2010 and 2011 since we expect a continue of last year's energy trend, its evident that:



So this year repeats the same element, the metal with different characteristics. Because while the Tiger (2010) was sharp, aggressive, intense, in the case of the Rabbit (2011) this animal is active but contained, stored or retracted and then exploit their maximum activity.

On the other hand while in the Tiger (2010) prevailed aggression and most people were tense, nervous, mad and bad; now at the Rabbit (2011) most will become happy and loose but more nervous, indecisive and dissatisfied which means that many situations will be more unpredictable than in 2010. Rabbit always inspires positive or negative feelings, but never indifference, so surely it will promote a tendency to change. While in 2010 the Tiger "called our attention" to the force, in 2011 the Rabbit will make us react and feel with mixed emotions throughout the year. For example, the metal element to be associated with money will encourage many ups and downs, there will be times of plenty cash flow followed the contrary, the stock market will behave "very nervous" and there will always be tendency to "save" or "contain." It is therefore recommended in the staff not to waste, be reasonable.

In another aspect while in the Tiger (2010) changes ensued without any recognition for the work or effort, but those changes were in significant variables (macro), mainly focused on the superficial and the physical; now the Rabbit (2011) is micro so we'll see many changes, intimate and internal but also with an evident recognition or disapproval of the work and commitment.

In general, much will be forced to be done in a measured, quiet way, with small steps, but the excitement and competitiveness that produces the metal element tells us that there will be times of explosion and hurry. The Rabbit is a sexual sign, so there will be a noticeable increase in sexual activity, but framed within a changing environment this will result in many casual or one night stand encounters, this can lead to a significant increase in unplanned pregnancies and therefore mainly young people to become committed because if it by the end of the year.

Another interesting fact about China is that astrology as I mentioned before is luni-solar, in its interpretation matters the Sun and the Moon. This year the lunar cycle begins on February 3, while the solar cycle starts on 4 February. Whenever one year begins with the lunar cycle before the sun is regarded by the Chinese tradition as a good year, well outlined for starting new projects, even to marry. It is also an auspicious time to buy real estate. This year like no other will encourage major changes at work, so many will be attracted by the nature of potential new work beside the compensation it represents, so many will give more importance to nature of the work instead of the ammount that can be earned.

As in most cases, the same energy or momentum of energy will affect each one differently, so it will be a year of expansion for someones, while others will feel content or imprisoned. There were those who will have a desire to move and travel, while others will prefer to stay secure at a burrow. Also some will have negative results of many decisions made in a superficial way or without any analysis of last season. The times and circumstances that violated relationships, friendships, societies and countries in 2010, unfortunately will not decrease in 2011 due to the nervousness of metal element (weapons, war, strife) during this year.

Again I invite you to analyze the changes, meditate and submit decisions to what make us feel good and satisfied over what makes us richer and prosperous. Finally, with patience, tenacity, and with small steps is more likely to achieve satisfactory results in the monetary field, that trying to eat a business on a single bite. There is a big difference in how Tiger an Rabbit eats, there are also big difference between the Tiger which is a violent and large predator, while the Rabbit is a little nervous collector. The metal makes the Rabbit energy concerned about desires, goals, plans and creative needs, which will manifest in ingenious new ideas in formats on TV and Radio programs. But like the predictions of Osha Regla, it repeats an important message about communication:

According to Feng Shui and Flying Stars school Xuang Kong Fei Xing in 2011 comes to the Palace of the star center known as Po June or Dejected Warrior. The nature of this star is the metal element, however, in the last period 1984 to 2004 during cycle 7, showed all positive attributes. Now in the period 8 in which we will be from 2004 to 2024, the nature of this star becomes negative, so it is recommended for 2011 is mainly talking extreme caution, as there is a close relationship with mouth, so it is best to use correct language and not a double meaning or denote things you really do not want to say because you will get in trouble. It warns that conflicts resulting from communication, misunderstandings, verbal insults, promises not accomplished, people who do not hold their word will be the order of the day.

This is a year of changes on structures within outside organizations and families, I said that some changes will be sudden as I explain in writing on Eyiogbe, but the laxity and flexibility of the Rabbit will brings us a little easier way to adapt and achieve new changes. Much of what someone will positive achieved will come from a steady job and discipline . This year for the Chinese, the Rabbit is significantly influenced by Tai Sui or Jupiter, which implies that everyone must avoid violence.

The ancients invited us in their great wisdom to imitate the stars, also imitate animals that represent the moments. It is time to act like the animal that you represent (depending on the year you were born) but with the positive characteristics that Metal Rabbit will guide us in 2011.

Remember, it is important to embrace the emotional changes, we had the opportunity to transmute our emotions and is therefore essential to ensure that these emotions will not affect our decision-making. Now it's time to move from the settlement of emotions toward changes in the structures and forms that allow us to make permanent any growth process.

Awo ni Orunmila Oggunda Kete

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