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domingo, 3 de junio de 2012


Context is important in order to guarantee a better understanding of this topic so I will start with what Mesoamérica meant on ancient world, writers and historians have define the ANAHUAC as nahuatl world territory, nevertheless Anahuac comes from A(Atl)=water, Nahui =4 sides and Cuat= place, so, by definition is “Territory surrounded on 4 sides by water”, which means that México-Tenochtitlán’s foundation happened in what appeared to be an island in the middle of a valley that use to have a big lake now lost on Mexico City’s buildings and aqueducts. Then other people found out that many years ago people named other territories around Mexico City, ‘Anahuác’ (Querétaro, Cuernavaca, Puebla, Pachuca), this is why nowadays most academics agree that Anahuac means ALL Central Mexico Valley which includes at least 8 states.

Actually there are several data elements from Nahuatl Culture from places as far as Alaska to Central American Countries, So I believe that at least all North America (Canada, USA, Mexico) and Central America (Guatemala Belize, Honduras and El Salvador) together are Ancient ANAHUAC. This is important because on May 20th, most of the eclipse phenomena could be seen in most of Ancient Anahuac, and this is the sign that starts the KETZALCOATL RETURN.

Generally speaking, as most of KETZALCOATL’S physical representations are a Rathlesnake with feathers, in most books KETZALCOATL is referred as the “feathered serpent” but if we review the root of “ketzalcoatl” word, it comes from ‘Ketzal’, which means beaty, precious, great value, treasure; and Coatl that means serpent. If ancient texts were talking about a feathered serpent they would have named it Huitlicóatl, so, why the drawings with a serpent with feathers representation?

The Ketzal is something with great value and precious and symbolizes beauty. The Ketzal bird has been not only venerated but treasured because just by looking at but because it evoques wonder. Analizing the alighment of Pyramids with Pleiades, Venus and Scorpio zone (with special interest in Aquila an Serpentis Constelations) when it is clear and makes sense the idea that Ketzalcóatl does not refer to a god, divinity nor hero, but a theological, astrological and esoteric SYMBOL.

This symbol was a spiritual enlightenment  or PRIESTLY DEGREE, that’s why inn every mesoamerican territory  Ketzalcoatl has a different reference, the most common, maybe because is the closest to America’s conquest dates, is Ce Acatl Topillzin Ketzalcoatl (Ce Acatl=NName; Topillzin= our little boy or girl; Ketzalcoatl=preciously enlighten by the serpents energy). Tales indeed talk about a wise little boy (or girl) teacher, that preach his/her knowledge all over nahuatl’s world.

In the Nahuatl world and in Anahuac there were 4 degrees of spiritual enlightenment deeply related with astral movements, the first one was Xipe Tótec (Red Tezcatlipoca or Camaxtle); the second one was Tezcatliipoca (Black Tezcatlipoca); the third one was Ketzalcóatl (white Tezcatlipoca); and the forth one was called Huitzilopochtli (Blue Tezcatlipoca or left-handed hummingbird). Each one corresponds to each cardinal point and right now, what captures our attention is the Binomial “Xipe Tótec-Ketzalcóatl”. There’s a legend that talks about Ketzalcóatl’s birth as a twins birth where one of them was condemned to death due to his ugliness, please refer to:

Ketzalcoatl is represented as “Beautiful light”, first light, the beginning, fertility, white, life and creation and it is associated with the EAST. As a matter of fact its astral representation is VENUS planet at sunrise, the first star you can perceive at plain sight as white. The arrival is celebrated on March 21, at Spring equinox and is known as Tlahuzcalpantecuhtli (Tlahuiz=lightness;  Calpan=stars in the sky and Tecuhtli=great lord), so, the Great Lord of the Morning Star=Venus in the morning. To leave this clearer, Chichen Itza show, where the serpent’s shadow descends through the stairs at Spring and Fall equinox, frames the beginning and final cyclic Ketzalcoatl’s movement. 60 days after this event, when the sun crosses pyramids cenit (May 20-21), is when this Ketzalcoatl’s change movement is activated.

Ketzalcoatl is the spiritual enlightenment SYMBOL that allows to understand and transmit the Yayautli (what can’t be seen) CREATION knowledge as what is seen. But achieving such level requires many initiation rituals. This enlightenment is symbolically represented by a serpent because it also represent many cycles by changing skin and its wavy movement and also because in order to know what happens in mother earth it has its whole body attached to it and this allows the serpent to get valuable information at every time.

Ketzalcoatl is evoking the awakening of a new civilization that will result on the SIXTH SUN, a civilization founded on feminine energies canalization, Tsaab (serpent’s rattle, Pleyades) and Venus (Ketzalcoatl) such as love, kindness, everyone wellness, community work, detachments, humility, empathy and solidarity. Such characteristics haven’t been manifested in the majority of our present world population where we still have ego, unnecessary accumulation of everything, violence, etc.

KETZALCOATL’S RETURN is not about a messiah arrival or a powerful character, unfortunately, there’s not anyone with such spiritual level and specific initiation processes to acquire that priestly level of Ketzalcoatl. Nevertheless, our ancestors left us many data and sacred places with keys and instructions that do allow us to live Ketzalcoatl’s experience and open our state of consciousness to the 4th and 5th dimension WITHOUT leaving the 3rd dimension. The energetic alignment welcomes us to that internal change.

KETZALCOATL’S RETURN is framed by Pleyades alignment and ends with November 13th solar eclipse on the southern hemisphere. As far as Anahuac región concerns, it’s very likely that Ketzalcoatl’s return finishes before such eclipse.

The moon (Metzili) that eclipses the sun will be entering at zero degrees on Gemini and its new moon, this will precipitate a great curiosity and the unveiling of any kind of hidden issues. Communications and information exchanges become vital, so there might present misinformation mixed with true information. We will tend to see more objectively and with less prejudice. This time is the correct time to start new projects, the most important: INTERNAL HEALING. The moon is always inviting us to have an introspection, this is the time to connect ourselves with our internal “me” and our spiritual world. The moon will be OUT OF COURSE  from 07:35 from Sunday to approximately 18:30, which means that the real effects of the moon on Gemini will be seen after the eclipse and this will detonate that many hidden information comes to light, from many emotional and social sewers and we’ll have to deal with that.

The main point to start correctly this restoration and attention to our “me” is FORGIVENESS. It’s important to forgive ourselves and forgive everyone who has affected us. My advice to all those who have meditation tools is to focus on first and second chakras that will be strengthen during this eclipse and 16 days after until Venus transit with the same alignment we have been talking about.

It’s important to have our head covered, put a red ribbon around our belly and on wrists, dress in clear colors, white if posible and mostly, make a deep gratitude and forgiveness exercise. Let’s join this unique and fantastic event, the effort each of us makes, will turn to those who surround us despite apathy or rejection, do not doubt that eacho love thought, each intention towards Ketzalcoatl’s return will take us by the hand to what our ancestors and great masters announced us.

We must put our attention on Ketzalcoatl’s twin brother, XOLOTL or XIPE TOTEC, represented by west and red colour. Xolotl was known as the monster of the afternoon or Afternoon star and it’s represented by the same star: VENUS, but in her afternoon manifestation. Xipe=scar, to=our, tec=action. So Xipe Tec evokes our ability to HEAL, REGENERATE and MUTATE, through physical and/or spiritual means, evoke medicine! It’s funny that medical symbol is precisely an Aesculapius, 2 serpents entwined, as the twin brothers. It seem to me that it’s getting clearer the opportunity we have on this period of time to HEAL AND REGENERATE. Because it’s precisely the Anahuac will see the Moon (Metztli) hide the Sun. 





miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012


We are a few days away from an important date from different points of view, May 20th,2012. This day an Annular Solar Eclipse will happen and different global phenomenons will be triggered:

First of all, its central band starts in South CHINA, meaning MACAO and HONG KONG, then goes through TAIPEI (northen TAIWAN), along the entire Pacific coast of JAPAN,TOKYO, crossing the North Pacific through the south of the Aleutian Islands, ending on the West Coast and Central U.S., by the North CALIFORNIA and OREGON, then NEVADA, UTAH (Grand Canyon and Lake Powell), northern ARIZONA, southern COLORADO, NEW MEXICO finishing in the middle of TEXAS.


The uniquenes and great importance of this eclipse is its exceptional width of 236 kms, on its maximun central band,and the fact that on its annular phase lasts a maximum of 5 minutes and 41 seconds, making it one of the longest annular eclipses of Sun. (On the North Pacific).

Another relevant fact is that this eclipse crosses the International Date Line, so it will begin on May 21st,  in South China and will end on May 20th, 2012 in USA.

As I mentioned before, from ancient times, solar eclipses have been related with several events of deep structural and social changes on territories that its shade touches, such as natural disasters, social riots or wars. Nowadays, this eclipse frames very important astrological events: the Pleiades (known as Tsáab, "sleighbell snake"  for Mayas) aligment with the SUN (Kinich Ahau for Mayas), the MOON and the EARTH. This aligment marks the date "zero" or slighbell snake date for Mayas.

Once again, the eclipse will activate the Pacific Ocean Volcanic Ring of fire, the movement and displacement of oceanic plates towards continents, correlated with important terrestrial  magma movement. On a social perspective, great market economies will start collapsing, mostly on countries where the shade goes trought, but as January 4th, 2011 Total Eclipse will still be affecting, armed confrontation on Middle East and Europe countries economic especulation will be stronger. On the emotional perspective, this eclipse will detonate panic events as well as massive moral awareness.

The reason why Pleiades are called slighbell snake for Mayas is very interesting, at plain sight they are just a bounch of stars, but they actually have an helical specific movement much like a slighbell snake.

This stars or suns are at 380 light years from us (the closest to the solar system) covering a diametrer space of 70 light years. They are located on Taurus constellation. On esoteric literature the Pleiades or Atlantes as well as the Polar Star are related  with all countries fate. 

Plaiades are know as the seven sisters, this give us a reason to belive that the cosmic nature of this constellation comes from a myth related with seven women (7 powers, 7 light thunders, etc), they where Atlas and Atlantidas daughters called:
There was a belive saying all 7 sisters had married with Gods, turning themselves on mothers of famous heroes and country founders, this fact is important because Pleiades´s specific alignment with the sun might well represent the START of a new civilization! Personally I think this is what May 20th, 2012 represents.

Pleiades are also the natural feminine and magnetic universe representation. Alice Bailey, on her book, "Esoteric Astrology" highlights our solar system energy as a result of a triangulation between the Ursa Major seven stars, the seven Pleiades (sometimes called ursa major wives) and Sirio. This energy triangulation is manifested as Active Will, Power, Love, Wisdom and Intelligence, qualities that should define and lead humanity´s path from now on. It´s time to let FEMININE energy, represented by the Pleiades, manifest her attributes to lead our civilization and collective change. This way, Ketzalcóatl´s return frames feminine attributes that SOCIETY could use to demonstrate a change on hope and path, an arrowhead for all those changes that millons of people all over the planet are hoping for. Maybe now we can understand why Mexico is a KEY of this change and why Ketzalcóatl´s return  is not a myth.


The Great Giza Pyramid alignment with Alcion (from Pleiades), and Polar Star is important because it becomes the point on earth for masculine-electrical-spirit and feminine-magnetic-form outset. A lot has been written about the alignment of the 3 pyramids assembling Orion´s Belt, but using only the Great Pyramd as reference we can distinguish on plain sight the esoteric yin-yang balance basis (masculine- feminine), if you wach the pyramid from the sky:

Turns out that pyramid´s edges (pyramid base on green) are specifically correspondant with four constellations:

The exact alignment with specific stars for each constellation is impressive, this way we can notice two axes :

1) TAURUS (ALDEBARAN star) - SCORPION (ANTARES star) ax. Ancient wold images:

2) LEO (REGULUS star) - ACUARIUS (FORMALHAUT star, currently in Piscies) ax, ancient world images:

When Pleiades align, from Taurus constellation with the SUN, shows the beggining of Ketzalcóatl or Kukulkan´s arrival. The same happens in Mesoamerica pyramids when they are aligned with the same constellations.

In TAURUS (May 20th, Pleiades alignment:Tsaab(slighbell snake)- SCORPIO (Antares, EAGLE), and its image: FEATHERED OR PRECIOUS SNAKE- QUETZALCOATL:

This arrival or Ketzalcóatl return starts on May 20th, 2012 and continues until November 13th, 2012 when Scorpios constellation(meaning Sagitarious) passes throught and finishes with a TOTAL ECLIPSE OF SUN. This is when, just for a brief period of time, OPHIUCO´s (wrongly included as an 13th zodiac constellation few year´s ago by some people) gains its importance, since it's related as the SNAKE or KETZALCOATL CARRIER.

AQUILA AND SERPENTIS constellations are not located here just out of chance.


Kukulcan form Mayas, Pelaketza for Mixtecos and Zapotecos, and Ketzalcóatl for Nahuatl, Toltecas and Mexicas; its return or visit is a directly related with Pleiades (slighbell snake) alignment phenomenon, Venus and Sun alignment occurs 16 days later (June 5-6th, 2012) and frames the awakening of the volcanic chain on Mexican territoy (Popocatépetl is allready in activity which will increase after June 6th) this activity will finish on November 13th with the Total Eclipse of Sun.

With this astrological Ketzalcóatl interpretation we can and must dismiss all Ketzalcóatl return interpretations that make it look like a mesias or a physical character. Ketzalcóatl´s return is the unique and unrepeatable  opportunity  for each one of us to experience and work with the great purpose of elevate our state of consciousness and transcend to the 3rd dimension without really leaving it and become ourselves in brothers of 3rd to 5th dimension collective conscience. Once you have delevolped Ketzalcóatl return on yourself, the bennining of a new committed and solidary civilization with a collective wellfare will start on that same time and dimensional space (3rd dimension). I would also like to share that the "few chosen" theories about dimensional travels to leave earth are not exactly true, those fortunate people that will actually do their HOMEWORK on this Ketzalcóatl return, will be the ones whose new civilization will be based on, the SIXTH SUN.

According to Maya´s prophecies a Great Cosmic cross that happened on August 11th, 1999 Annular Eclipse of Sun begun the last FIFTH SUN, 13 years of the "time of no time" period that will end on next May 20th, 2012 where Kukulcan starts its arrival ending on Novermber,2012 when HUNAB KU (Galaxy central light and energy manifestation of our onmipresent GOD in time and space) sends a strong cosmic light of syncronization to begin a new 26,000 years period. So the SIXTH SUN is the SUNRISE of a new conscience and will inevitably affect our Sun´s behaviour and all human race in consecuence.

I will finish this article saying that Ketzalcóatl is not about a divinity or specicific energy, but one of the 4 degrees of illumination for an ancient master, meanning the 4 TEZCALTIPOCAS. The one that becomes connected with cosmos male-female in order to focus the spiritual elevation energies.

On the following articles I will talk about, what is Ketzalcóatl, the importance of sacred cities, how to visit them, what to look on them and how to activate in each one of us the Ketzalcóatl energy. This is the most important path (XANHARU), that we should walk on 2012.