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domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

2011 Predictions, repetition of BABA EYIOGBE

Hello everyone.

Each new year, we received hundreds of good wishes and thoughts for the new cycle, many are common, others we know are full of great intentions. Do not miss the opportunity to do the same and wish you and yours a year filled with peace, health, love and good fortune to your home and family.

Again, following an annual custom, in the early days of this 2011 are published and appear different predictions of the Year in several countries and even iles (Santeria religious houses). And again I share my thinking that this phenomenon always confusing, especially the aleyos (just started in santeria) and persons who have little knowledge of our religion, because it is assumed that those predictions or "letras" must have a universal meanning and yet sometimes both the signs and the prophecies are very different in each place. The logical question is: Is not there a letter that is Universal?. My answer is that I think so.

The antagonisms between groups have even comparing prophecies to prove who has more veracity. Finally, the fact is that since 2009 it seems that Orunmila (prophetic deity) so tired of divergence and decided to give very similar signs to different groups of priests, and now I know that this was an invitation to teach for a lot division may exist, the pursuit of a unification Granted, there is the 'word of Orunmila' does not fall to the floor (the prophecies are fulfilled) and as a reminder that we must avoid such comparisons and disputes.

So in 2010 the message was clear: Work for the unification and the common organization of all, but once ended that cycle for nature, for IFA (Yoruba theology) for Orunmila, it's time to start a new lesson. And that lesson has to do with last year closely. In other words, what will happen this year is fully supported by what happened in 2010.

Express regret but in light of how easy we must deduce that the lesson was not understood by most and therefore more predictions now appear different, more divisions and splits in families of blood, marriage, family, religious, political groups, groups , associations, etc. In 2010 the prophecy Eyiogbe invited us to work for unity and now we are very divided and therefore disqualified.

Don Miguel Felbles Padrón
Odika Babalawo

Each year I repeat the message that I personally support the predictions of the house loceated in 10 de Octubre house in La Havana: "Organising Committee for the Letter of the Year Odi Ka Miguel Febles Padrón (Cuba)", to discern what will happen to our planet on a personal level local and international, but I urge every religious and initiated during the first weeks of the year, go to a higher priest place (godfather, godmother) to have a record in order to acquire their 'Personal Letter of the Year. I also reiterate that, as never before, the general public will also know all kinds of predictions, so I invite you again having a 'open heart' to the messages and signals that can be identified.

Why are the predictions of this house and not the Association or of each country?

For many reasons, first the House of 10 de Octubre and the Commission for the Letter of the Year "Miguel Febles" is now the group has more time doing these ceremonies from 26 years ago. On the other hand, there are represented the spiritualities of almost all those initiated in Cuba, or currently reside on the island. In addition, because the approach I have seen of that group is universal, while the letters of each country or group, more specifically confined to that group, and therefore are valuable but reflect a more local than global.

This 2011, IFA (Santeria religious theology, based on binary math) is marked again with the repetition of the Oddun (sign or design) from last year: Eyiogbe.This means that for the first time in many years may repeat the same letter or predicting two consecutive years. The prophecy says: Ire Siguayú Oyale Tesi Yemaya (incomplete but a steady progress at the foot of Yemaya)

What are the odds that out of 256 different signs different in two consecutive years repeat the same sign?. They are very remote, especially when you know the mechanics to get the sign, but that statistic this year happened. I invite you to call us that our attention, just as would happen if the car started flashing indicators, oil temperature, gas, etc. simultaneously. Something is happening and is vital to understand why.

The next question is: how IFA prophesies IRE (blessing or good fortune) when we experiencing the worst economic crisis for many years?. How IRE, when much of the population in Cuba and the world lives with helplessness, despair and very little motivation?. How is talk of a firm if what is lived is a complete uncertainty?. As talk of good fortune when the global world are showing painful and profound changes?

As I said it happens the repeatition of the letter or prophetic sign last year and therefore I must repeat a little what I said in 2010:

IFA invites us to reconsider this prophecy about the firm to which we can access (does not mean you have right now, but you have to work fot it) from Eyiogbe events involved in the whole world. IFA relates a story in which IRE (Good fortune) and Osorbo (bad luck) came to visit Orunmila for consultation, outlining: IRE came ire and OSORBO came Osorbo (the lucky fortune came with good luck, and the unfortunate came with problems), both were to consult with IFA and leaving the IRE found it unnecessary to do the ebo (sacrifice) that had marked Orunmila while Osorbo did it (the unfortunate wanted to change his fate, while the happy thought that luck would follow.) So shortly after Osorbo become Ire and IRE become osorbo. This reference I like it because many believe that by simply being IRE, and the prophecy is granted and being Osorbo, similarly doomed. Very wrong to think so. So if the prophecy is that this IRE in fact on closer inspection is very important to understand that this condition is manifest from Oddun Eyiogbe, and through common sense can work toward prophecy.

Therefore the same letter, with different prophecies in two consecutive years worldwide. This means quite simply that the manner in which we will live Eyiogbe from 2011 is different than we experienced in 2010, but maintains the same energy condition in general. The 2010 Eyiogbe invited us to seek health through introspection, spiritual growth, humility, organization of habits and ideas, I mean by taking CHANGES in all directions. The consequence of not doing separations involved, bad decisions, losses in either direction.

As in the past year IRE Prophecy speaks of events derived from Eyiogbe will drive change and improvement (changes will be strong) all that implies Siguayu (firmly). Small events large and far-reaching, will bring an approach to Ire Siwayu in Cuba and around the world.

Again I remember that Eyiogbe means double talk, double event, double talk, double separation, and so on. Therefore the repeat in this year means that the 'double' of prophecy is part of 2 consecutive years but separated. Eyiogbe means two parallel roads that go to the same destination, but separated, therefore it can be translated as two years with conditions and side events that lead to the same destination but will not be mixed, so this year is becoming rather an effect of ' mirror 'the last one. In other words, changes that we proposed or presented to us in 2010 might have been well or poorly drawn, and the consequence of the acts of 2010 for better or for worse, will be reflected in 2011. In 2011 we will reap what we sow in 2010.

In 2010 the regents were Obatala energy with Oya and these changed in 2011 by Oggun and Oshun. In 2010 the prophecy was Ariku (search for health) and now in 2011 is Siguayu (search firm). Is the repeat of the same energy vibration, but with different prophecies (objectives to follow).

In 2010 the pursuit of health involved deal with change and organize our goals and objectives from an internal change. Involves working for change and accept the difficulties. Involving become with more humility, honesty, consistency in order to safeguard our family, and group integration.

Now in 2011, involves search firm to complete the cycles, put beyond the burdens of the past (bad habits, bad company, bad decisions, etc) and ensure a proper collection or harvest the fruits of the changes.

If sown in 2010, a resistant to change in 2011 will reap unsteadiness on different aspects of your life.

If in 2010, you sown DETACHMENT AND SEARCH THE INTERNAL GROUTH, in 2011 you might achieve stability on different aspects of your life.

This can give us a sense that those who did nothing last year, it will be difficult this year. Nothing more certain, but the chance of prophecy allows those who start these changes now have a whole semester to catch up on the task of change and growth to maturity. Therefore, despite the pessimistic of these lines, the important thing is to accept the challenge of making changes.

Generally during the first half of the socio-economic conditions will not change again towards the improvement and at the best scene will remain stable, although it is more likely to present a worsening of the debt and lack of money. This year will be known internationally for the death of a leader of great controversy and that the event even will peleased his own people (this is an event pending from 2010). Also know the term or death of more heads of organized crime. There will be many deaths in the public environment (artistic, political, sports).

Climatologically will manifest severe storms that cause flooding spectacular port cities, but now the floods will be more frequently in the mouths of rivers to the sea. Also will manifest avalanches in different locations.

Tracking the movement of tectonic plates that are fostering a very strong energy underground, unfortunately continues to accumulate that energy in the Cocos plate, as expected for the earthquake in Mexico City this year seems unavoidable. The same will hapend to California.

For the general public today as I recommend that you make an effort to arrange, your life, clarify ideas and plans. To clean up what does not work or is not used, take good care of the head. Any injury or head injury is warning us of a mayor problem.Wear much white color on clothes, avoid panic, paranoia and despair to find dramatic news.

We already saw in 2010 Eyiogbe, a great number of separations of couples and families. Unfortunately this trend will continue in 2011 so it is important to evaluate the family situation in order to avoid possible problems detonating in that kind of decision.

Also in 2010 we saw the changes of 'heads' on organizations of all kinds, whether by death, resignation, illness, etc.This trend will continue in 2011 even in those organizations or groups where the change was made on the head or leader is sure to be presented again in positions who have happened in 2010.

From the religious point of view, I recommend that those who have any outstanding debt or ceremony, seeks to do before the end of the first half of the year, so that in the second half may benefit by the changes.

Again the first half and never will be the manifestation of great struggle between saints and eggun (spirit world). It will show a lot of clashes between IFA and Palo. Like last year, people will talk about work against this or that and very direct confrontations.This will cause the loss of several religious heads, new heads will reclaim its place, although it will be too late to verify if this will be beneficial or not, again depends on the experience of Eyiogbe there.

During this year (from Hidalgo), before the six-year term in Mexico, the government will released a lot of money for projects and budgets, will substantially increase employment and purchasing power partially recovered, but this effect might not become quite tangible for regular people.

Again announced cabinet changes and direction that will now be a result of the dispute for power groups. Continue within the heart of political parties, lots of conspiracies that foster divisions and as a result later this year will release highly sensitive information that can end the politics of a group of people, plus a national character will lose all credibility to society.(This is planned for 2010, was not entirely resolved in that year, so surely be revealed in mid-2011)

Globally, there will be major changes in U.S. policy internally and externally. The phenomenon of Wikileaks will continue to reveal sensitive information, but other actors also foster the shocking disclosure.

There is now a clear risk of rupture or separation of diplomatic policies in Asia and the Middle East. The next partial solar eclipse of January 4 'touch' with his shadow for many countries and it is important to stress that the tendency to contain clashes in the region of the planet.

Again I am, like last year my invitation to "doing homework", and address changes with awareness and humility.

I hope this information is helpful and reflection.

Awo ni Orunmila Oggunda Kete

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